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Welcome Winter Sunset

My old website was somehow deleted, so I am starting over from scratch. If you find missing information, please e-mail me. I am working on one page at a time... pictures will come last because I have to re-load all of them. Thank-You for your patience, the site will be finished very soon! :)

Welcome to Second Chance Rodent Rescue!

I originally started out with just one rat, Larry, but once I began fostering for my local shelter, I decided to start a rescue of my own!

My first "rescue" was from PETCO. I adopted 2 PEW's named chip and Dale, who are now known as Shorty and Casper. You can view their story on the "My Rats" page.

I love "unique" animals, which is why I love rodents so much. Rats in particular. They are so interesting and sweet, I don't know how anyone could turn them away. In my own opinion, I think they make much better pets than cats and dogs... but every pet has it's own traits...

I love Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Bunnies... to be honest, I love all pets, but I love rats the most because they are all of these combined into one!

This site is constantly being updated, please visit frequently to see the updates. If you notice an error on any of my pages, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail. Nobody is perfect, and I am bound to make mistakes here and there! Thank you for visiting... once you look around, please consider signing my guestbook :)

I try to keep my site as up to date as possible:


A Second Chance Could Change A Life